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 When 1st installed and the door is close and latch, the soft "Memory Cells" will form-fit to your door like a latex glove, thus forming a "Molded-Fit" around your door in 24 to 28 hours.  No two doors are identical, which is indeed the problem aircraft owners have with sealing them.

AvTek & Aero-PMA-Parts Co. " Door Seal".  Not just Sealing-OUT "Noise"  but Water, and cold as well.

Click any Picture to enlarge.  Why is the Door-Seal so BIG?   Click  More Photo's   Piper Chieftain getting a NEW Door-Seal

 The Seal makes that Vacuum Sealing "Swishing" sound when closing the door.  Below is inside bottom of the door when door is closed.                                                  Video Here>>> Click here to view Movie to hear the "Swishing".



Above left;  E/z Peel & Seal                             Above ↑ Right ... Seal is indeed larger

"Squeeze-out" below fills the gap. Sealing out: Cold, Wind, Water...... Sealing in Warmth.  Customers pictures


                              Water tight seal (Top Door Viewed) when door is closed...See below: Right

        Click  More Photo's  

It’s  Aero-PMA-Parts Company's pleasure;  to announce after hundreds of hours and thousands of invested dollars, Door-Seal with "SQUEEZE-OUT"  is available for purchase.  Other makes/models will soon follow, such as Cessna, Mooney, and Beech.

Are you tried of wind in your hair as you fly.  Or water puddles on your carpet?

 We believes our door seal exceeds the original manufactures design, and we are confident that Aircraft Owners will agree.  Actually, not a difficult task to accomplish, considering the technical advancements made in the past 30 to 40 years since aircraft designers built their seal.  The materials available today are superior, compared to the past. 

The Seal-Mold was designed, and produced by "Aero-PMA-Parts Company's" and Fortune 500-chemical company.  All rights and proprietary drawings are the property of AvTek,   AvTek holds all FAA-STC's-PMA's,  any and all FAA conversations needs to be addressed to AvTek.

 The material selected for our  “Door-Seal” meets and exceeds FAA standards.    It's very tough!   Our door-seal will remain “Snug & Fit”, sealing out “Wind-Noise, Cold and Rainwater", when tied down.  The ability to accomplish this is in the "Micro-Memory" Fibers inside our Door Seal.  The seal "Squeezes-Out" to  fill the Gap all around the door...NO OTHER Door-Seal has "Squeeze-OUT" which fill the Gap.

 Our door-seal is applied to the aircrafts door, as your aircraft designer intended their original door-seal to be installed.   Which will prevent any tearing, or  loosening of seal material and virtually eliminates the need for minor repairs through normal and RUGGED everyday use.

 The FAA-Approval process....is COMPLETED! Dec 15 2004  We are NOW accepting orders

Why is the Seal so Big?

We designed and engineered our seal from the point of source...Your leaky door,  and small door seals "Leak".  Our seal allows the thin seal material to extend beyond the door frame 1/8 to 3/16 inch to form a "WATER-Tight" seal at the top of the door and all the way around the door.

Yes the outside portion of seal that protrudes and fills the gap can be trimmed, but not recommended.  Adjust the amount of seal material that protrudes when you install the seal, thus eliminating the need to trim.

                                                This is what allows the gaps in all doors to finally be sealed.

The seal material which protrudes out to fill the gaps is thinner at this location then the rest of the seal.  It therefore does not have any significant drag component to it, even at 550 knots our computer models tell us.  Any amount of seal material that needs to be removed may be on the inside and probably will be on the leading edge of the door, due to tighter clearance in the front leading-edge of the door.   Just readjust the seal by moving it slightly.  The fiber-glass double back tape we provide allows adjustments to be made easily.

As you can see from our pictures, the seal gets larger moving away from this thin area.  The reason is to allow the door to be seal twice at two different locations.  1st; outside filling the gaps.  Then the 2nd time is around your door frame,  like a Tupperware lid.  It even makes a "Swishing" sound when the doors are closed, and sealed-tight. Visit our "Video-Movie" to hear for yourself.

No stress on the hinges, here's why:

 When 1st installed and the door is close and latch, the soft "Memory Cells" will form-fit to your door like a latex glove, thus forming a "Molded-Fit" around your door in 24 to 48 hours.  No two doors are identical, which is indeed the problem aircraft owners have with sealing them.

In a few days the door-seal will be formed-fitted  to each door as if it was poured from a mold.

  Removing the inside (Wind lace) Leather-Trim may need to be done. Then re-install the wind-lace leather trim after door is adjusted and fit-snug.  Remember, your Piper-Cessna, Mooney, Beech aircraft has NEVER had a properly fitted Door-Seal until now.  So the inside trim may need adjusting.  The end results will be an "Air-Lock-Door",  like the Jet-Liners.  It is up to the installer to accomplish air-tight-seal.

 Click: Door-Seal Install Manual.

Our seal is designed for multiple aircraft make/model applications, which is making it easier for the FAA.

                                                                     PMA-Approval has been completed

    Retail price $149.95... However $129.95. will be the Intro price.

ONLY $75  We have 3 foot  pieces 4 in all; 12 feet total enough to cover one Door. This is a GREAT Deal. The ends are seamed together, for a continuous snug door-seal. 12 feet total enough to cover one  Door, ..Just ask for it.      Top of this page To see Pictures

  While original seal from Piper/Cessna and others are more than $249 + $29.95 for glue...their seal still does NOT Fill the Gap.   Don't  buy any seal...only to discover soon, you should have purchased the Seal that "FILLS-The-Gap"...That would be COSTLY.

 Larger Seal, Seals Better then all the rest...it's simply the best! and... The Seal is installed on the DOOR, as Piper, Cessna, Mooney, Beech...all aircraft intended.

 1st delivery is scheduled, in Jan/Feb 2005. 

                         As of Feb 10th Hundreds of Door-Seals have been shipped. Don't be left out in the cold

                                                                    For prompt service order NOW

 Delivery schedule is determined on orders received.

 AvTek's engineering is the D.E.R. and major investor.  Aircraft that are being added to the PMA.  Then  Cessna's,  next  Beech and Mooney's will follow.

 For further info and ordering, please  call  253/813-1455 West Coast hours.

 Michael J. Peter, AvTek        Door-Seal install manual       Old Door-Seal Removal Tool




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